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This set of 40 affirmations is an extra dose of self-love & devotion for the trailblazing, goal-slaying woman that needs a transformed thought life.

Snap your perspective back into shape, with the positive self-talk that helps you feel as good inside as you look on the paper.

You’re an all-in kind of woman. Your moxie for life, family, and business is a mood; here is your YOU-GOT-THIS mood boost!

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Download your print-ready files to jazz up your space for daily me-moments, or to use on social for a universal mood boost!

Plus, as a bonus, with your $17 purchase you will also receive 10 FREE pay-it-forward options, to express your gratitude & affirm your DAY ONE supporters.


Here’s Why You Need The Pep Talk Pack:

We all have Head Trash. It’s the negative, counterproductive, or, damaging conversation we have within ourselves.

Head Trash is paralyzing and life-altering, but it’s no match for a determined-to-rise woman who understands the power of her thought life.

We’ve heard it before: our thoughts eventually become our realities. so Toss the head trash and clean up your thought life with the Pep Talk Pack.

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Making Your Purchase:


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